Kiki Challenge And Other Crazy Internet Challenges Of 2018

An official in the Egyptian Traffic Department warned Egyptians to avoid performing the Kiki challenge, aka the In My Feelings challenge”, or otherwise face penalties from the law. Unless you've thrown your phone into the sea or gone on some kind of social media abstinence - you probably won't have missed the v iral phenomenon that has been the #inmyfeelingschallenge , saturating your newsfeeds to the infectious beat of Drake over the last fortnight.

The dance challenge mainly went viral in the United States, as well as in Europe, Egypt, Jordan and the UAE to name a few. CTD also said traffic police arrested two people who were seen performing the challenge on Friday night and were found to be under the influence of alcoholic drinks.

Some people recorded themselves falling out of the moving car. The problem is, some people have taken the fad to a dangerous extreme - jumping out of moving cars and dancing alongside the still-moving vehicle. The kiki challenge is when a person dances beside a slow-moving vehicle while being recorded by another person inside the vehicle, all while the door is open.

In a few incidents, people get off the driver's seat of the vehicle to do the dance and the vehicle moves forward without anyone on the steering wheel. The Public Prosecution in UAE have ordered the arrest of three social media influencers on Monday, charging them of offending public morals and violating the traffic law.

Unless you've been living under a rock or been on a social media hiatus for the last fortnight, your timeline has been polluted with the viral sensation that has been the #inmyfeelingschallenge. JAKARTA, NNC - Lately teenagers have Inmyfeelingschallenge been participating in the viral phenomenon of 'In My Feelings Challenge' or the so-called Kiki Challenge.

The challenge started when Instagram user theshiggyshow posted a video of himself last month dancing in the street to Drake's song In my feelings. And comedian Kevin Hart did the challenge on a stage - an appropriate place for dancing. Somewhere amidst the internet noise, the cars started moving.

All of that serves as a reminder that, as much as they may try, artists and the suits that they work with are no match for the millions of anonymous young listeners who, with their own social media promotional machine, decide what's a bop and what's not — as well as what might be best appreciated with a corresponding viral dance.

In My Feelings” requires the performer to get out of the car and to perform certain moves beside the car while it is moving slowly, and while someone else is filming. The challenge is being done across the social media using the #KikiChallenge, #InMyFeelingsChallenge and #DoTheShiggy.

Regarding the nature of the challenge, the police decided to ban it since it could potentially endanger other road users apart from the person who do the dance. In Kuwait, performing the challenge is considered breaking three traffic laws, and the maximum penalty will be arresting the driver and suspending his driving licence for 4 month and confiscating the car for two month.

KUWAIT CITY, July 24: The ‘Kiki' dance challenge, which has reached Kuwait, is forbidden by law and religion, reports Al-Rai daily. Others danced alongside their cars on a busy street, running the risk of getting hit by oncoming vehicles. Participants in this challenge get out of a moving car and leave the door open and dance on a public road next to the car, which is a danger to them and others on the road,” it said in a statement on Monday.

Trying to make a video of them doing the current dance meme, which is getting out of a moving car and dancing while filmed out the door. Consequently, social media users decided to post their own versions and started adding other hashtags such as #InMyFeelings challenge and #KikiChallenge.

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