Fascination About Talk Show

Win4News staff is working on a brand new documentary that will investigate news and journalism - past, present and future to see how they could help get away from bogus news.

They ask the questions - should remarks be news?

Plant seeds of"critical thinking" to develop one of new schools systems which are not based on schools which create obedient employees, zombies and robots.

Please take a listen, discuss and click on the youtube preview to learn more about their new job they look to crowdfund and film from Brazil. They've been in Brazil three months.

They are supposed to help their children have the tools to become better future leaders.

Awareness & some profits will help create international"critical thinking" backpack journalistic schools according to #Win4News principles.

Fake news is a type of yellow journalism or propaganda which consists of willful disinformation casting doubt upon legitimate news in an opposing political standpoint.

False information is subsequently often reverberated as information in social media & mainstream websites.

Fake news is written and printed typically with the intent to mislead in order to harm an agency, entity, or individual, and/or profit financially or politically and Win4News gain internet click earnings online.

DanielRoyBaron on most social media is a 2020 counter-culture dissident USA Republican candidate.

These programs will include such things as universal health care, good quality single payor health care for all, a Federal guaranteed tasks program, rebuilding their Dto be an A and to MAGA - Create the ENTIRE America continent fantastic!

#Win4News talks about things nobody cares on mainstream websites but everybody should. Quality procedures / associations to include unique items such as Human Rights, Social Justice, Activism.

They discuss the book Looking Glass Shattered along with also the ('Backpack Journalism") of who what when where why how this can help individuals conquer old wounds. Learn more about Looking Glass Shattered and ways they could help individuals, families, communities and states.

Their mission is to assist and hire international backpack journalist talk show hosts. They record on the tales other media either ignores, hides or gets true news bogus.

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