Buy A Car? Read Here How To Check The Mileage

Improve your fuel efficiency and your savings every time you drive. But, if you're leasing a car with a 6p per mile excess charge and you do 23,000 miles a year, you could save yourself over £400 by paying the £180 excess charge at the end of the contract rather than paying the £600 extra a year for the 25,000 mileage contract.

Make the most of this for your own peace of mind when buying any used car, van or motorbike. Best to check with AD or workshops that the car has gone to before (if possible) on the last odometer reading. There are a few items that generally don't get addressed until 100,000 miles or more (orange coolant, long-life spark plugs), but 100,000 is nothing special — at least not in terms of car maintenance.

To make life easier, the Government has set up a website which enables you to check the MoT and mileage history of any car simply by entering the make and registration number into a search tool. In fact, according to Consumer Reports there are at least 10 models that can happily last past 200,000 miles when properly cared for.

And remember, all Cartell Two, Three and Four Star Car Checks include an NMR Mileage Check. This is especially important if you're buying a car through Craigslist or eBay and there's no dealership to provide free access to a CARFAX report. Of course, some cars are driven less than that, but many are driven much more due to long commuting distance.

These tires are primarily designed for high-performance vehicles and provide optimized dry and wet performance levels in a temperate environment. Check seats, seat belts and carpets if they are worn, this is often a sign that the car has done a lot of miles.

Some transmissions need regular maintenance, and others are dubbed a "lifetime fill" and can go up to 150,000 miles between oil changes. The dealer apparently sold a damaged car as a CPO vehicle, and the customer apparently didn't do a walk-around before taking delivery.

To check to see if the mileage on a car has been clocked, enter your car registration number below. I'm Polish, have been living in UK for couple of years now, and EVERY SINGLE car and motorbike I average mileage bought had been checked against clocking. Either the dealership or a third-party inspection company we hire will inspect your vehicle for excess mileage and wear, typically within 5 days of returning your vehicle.

Barry Shorto, head of industry relations at hpi said: Being vigilant and doing a few simple checks can be very beneficial, helping to prevent the headache of buying a car that's had its mileage falsified. A large chunk of your car's maintenance is preventative and regardless of your skill level pretty much anyone who can lift a hood can check the fluids.

This can lead to the cars being dangerous, especially if the car has a high mileage or is in need of a service. He became suspicious and began investigating the car's history using the VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) website. Best prices on HPI Check, RAC Car Checks, My Car Check etc.

Our free MOT History check reveals the mileage recorded at every MOT test, allowing buyers to spot any inconsistent readings or discrepancies. The typical driver covers 7,900 miles a year - based on RAC Foundation stats - if they overestimate by 15 per cent it would mean many motorists think they drive 1,185 miles more than they really do every 12 months.

When you return the vehicle to the finance house , the collection driver will check the miles on the clock. As well as a reliable mileage checker, HPI's car checks will check a variety of potential issues in a vehicle's history. Our services for vehicle buyers (both trade and private) include exhaustive checks on newly imported vehicles - which are backed up by a money-back guarantee, providing peace of mind when buying an import.

Step 1: Check the service history documentation. Hogarty says 30,000 miles for conventional gear oil and 60,000 for synthetics. Again, manufacturer recommendations vary - some newer vehicles specify every 10 years or 100,000 miles - but LeBlanc wisely suggests you check the coolant pH with an inexpensive kit every time you get the oil changed.

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